Suit VS Tuxedo Differences

Suit vs Tuxedo Differences


Tuxedos have satin-faced lapels while suits do not. A suit jacket will almost always feature a notch lapel or peak lapel, but a tuxedo jacket may sometimes feature a shawl lapel.


Tuxedos have satin buttons while suits don’t. Tuxedo jackets also come with a single button design while suit jackets range from one to three buttons.


Tuxedo jackets don’t have the traditional flapped/patch pockets that suits do. Tuxedos have jetted pockets which are almost entirely unseen.


Tuxedos are worn with white shirts that feature either a turndown collar or a wing collar. Suits can be worn with dress shirts of any style and color.


Tuxedo pants feature a satin strip down the side of the pant legs to match the satin on the jacket. In addition, tuxedo pants also don’t have any belt loops.