Graduation Suits

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Derks offers a huge variety of Grad Suit rentals and retail suits to meet your needs. Whether you want to be modern sleek and stylish or maybe something very simple an low key that you can dress up with your accessories, you can feel confident in photos while wearing your suit.

We want you to look and feel your best on your graduation day. Derks offers a variety of options to help you find a fit, style and colour that’s perfect for you.

  1. Choose your style
    Pick from our list of styles and brands, either have your personal stylist assemble or build a look from scratch
  2. Find your fit
    We carry a variety of fits from slim and euro to classical body styles, if you do not know your body style no problem we will measure you and help you get the best fit custom to you.
  3. Receive it and enjoy your event!
    The week of the event you get scheduled for a final fit where the rental is tried on and any minor adjustments are done, and you are on your way to receiving your diploma in style

Renting Versus Buying a Suit

There are many pros and cons to renting or buying your grad suit, if you are thinking that you want that once in a lifetime look with cool accessories to jazz it up you might be better off renting, or maybe you know you have a interview coming up or a few special occasions and would like to have a suit to wear for those events, no problem. Ask our experienced team about your options Derks offers affordable great suit shirt and tie combinations to buy and keep.