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Destination Honeymoons

Planning your post-wedding getaway? Find out the best time of year to travel to the most popular honeymoon spots from classic beach escapes, romantic European tours, or more adventurous locales.

January, February & March | Escape the chill after your winter wedding and hit the beach! The Caribbean, Maldives, Mexico, and Costa Rica all offer relaxation with endless amounts of sun and sand. For those hoping to start off married life on a more adventurous note, South America and Australia are experiencing summer during our winter chill. This means the weather is prime for hiking, biking, and exploring for an adventurous honeymoon you won’t forget.

April | The sunny Caribbean and Mexico are still great options in April, with beautiful weather and quieter beaches. Greece and Turkey offer a more exotic beach location for those looking for a hot destination. If you are looking to set sail on a cruise and experience multiple destinations these locales are for you.

May | Jet off to Southern Europe before summer travel heats up! Imagine sipping wines in a vineyard in Southern France, taking a cooking class together in Italy, or sharing tapas in Spain. Start off on a small group tour or cruise to see all the sites and then spend some time alone at your favorite destination.

June, July & August | This is the best time of year to stick closer to home and enjoy the summer weather! Cruise the fjords of Alaska, explore Canada on either coast, or fly to Hawaii for sun, sand, and spa.

September & October | Watch the leaves change color in Europe and enjoy the slightly cooler weather and smaller crowds. Whether you are on a river cruise, tour, or checking into a luxury hotel, autumn is a great time to experience England, France, Austria, the Netherlands, and more! Eastern Canada & New England offer a romantic backdrop either by boat or tour if you want to stick a little closer to home.

November & December | Perfect weather, quiet beaches, and better prices make Mexico and the Caribbean a classic choice for a late autumn honeymoon. Some hot destinations include the ABC Islands (Aruba, Bonaire, and Curaçao), Los Cabos, Puerto Vallarta, and the Cayman Islands. For a more unique option try an expedition cruise in the Galapagos or a ski vacation as the snow starts to fall.