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Guys Guide To Grad

Guys Guide To grad

Tips by the Experts covering everything from Tuxes to Transportation
Grad season is right around the corner!Grad has become one of the most exciting and memorable events in a teenager’s life. We’ve compiled tips from formalwear and prom experts that are sure to help you to prepare for the big night!

In A World Of Trends I Want To Remain Classic
A tuxedo used to be pretty standard, but times have changed. Today, there are hundreds of styles to choose from with a range of different accessories to match. Slim, tailored lines are big this year, especially paired with an elegant satin lapel.

I Want To Wear A Suit And Own It
There are some amazing retail suits available at Derks.
Our private Label Collection starts at $199.00 and is style forward. Check out and try on looks and colour options to own your look.

If you are looking for a designer suit check out Mr Derk

Tips for Tux Shopping
Plan Ahead!
Start planning your look for the night up to two months before grad. It’s important to be fitted and reserve your tuxedo early because popular styles will go quickly during this season.

Know Your Options
A lot of guys opt for something unique that allows them to personalize their outfit, like a hat or a tux with pinstripes. Bored with the classic black? A dark blue tuxedo is a great way to stand out, or play it up with a coloured vest and tie. For those not wanting the formality of a tux, a nice suit is a perfect way to dress up without going overboard. Consider your body type when you are shopping as not all styles flatter all men.

Coordinate With Your Date
Find out what color and style your date is wearing. You don’t have to match your vest to her dress, but it’s important that you don’t clash!

Get Fitted
When you reserve your tux, make sure that you try on different jackets and pants to ensure that you are ordering the correct size. The salesperson will be able to guide you through this process and take detailed measurements.

Discuss Accessories
Your formalwear store will be able to offer you all of the coordinating accessories, including shoes to match your tux. Vests and ties are great final-touches on a grad look. Narrow ties are fashionable this year, or try a bow tie for that extra dash of double-oh-seven suave.

If you are buying new shoes, make sure to wear them around the house a bit to scuff up the soles. Dress shoes tend to be slippery when you first buy them, and scuffing the soles reduces the risk of a painful and embarrassing slip on the dance floor.

Pick Up Your Tux
Most stores allow you to pick up your tux the day before or the day of the event. Make sure you try it on at the store to ensure that everything fits correctly and that you have all the pieces you need.

Hang It Up
When you get home, hang your tux in a dry place until the day of Grad.

Most Importantly
Choose something that fits your personality and that you will be comfortable in – the right tux will make you feel like a million bucks!

Tip – Derk’s Guys’ Guide To Grad
For the latest trends, try looking at what the celebrities are wearing to big events like the Oscars or the Grammys.
The hottest trend at the Oscars this year was a throwback to the traditional tuxedo: elegant, slim black 2-button jacket with a bowtie.. Although you may not be able to afford a Prada suit like Steve Carrell, you can find the same look at Derks for much less. This is a very easy look to re-create. We would suggest something from our exclusive Joseph Abboud collection in a fine, soft fabric like super 120s wool.

If you’re looking for something a little different, try a coloured bowtie with some sneakers with your tux; this will give you a funky edge to your grad look. Derks recommends a tux from the Red Sleeve collection, also exclusive to Derks stores.

Prom season is a busy time for florists, so make sure to pre-order your boutonniere and/or the corsage at least a couple of weeks ahead of the actual date. Consult with your date on what kind of corsage she would prefer. Pinned corsages are ideal for dresses with thick straps. If your date is going with spaghetti straps or without straps at all, a wrist corsage would be your best bet. If you are unsure of what colour of flowers to get, simple white roses or orchids are sweet and romantic, and they match everything.

Plan Ahead
Almost any florist you go to will be prepared for Grad season. However, it’s also a busy times for weddings and Grads often fall around Mother’s Day. So, plan to pre-order a corsage and flowers, if you choose, for your date at least two weeks before the prom.

Check With Your Date
Many guys don’t realize the choices they will have to make when it comes to choosing a corsage. Ask your date if she would prefer a wrist corsage or something she can pin on her dress.

Color Coordination
Let the florist know what color your date is wearing & they should be able to coordinate the flowers and ribbon on the corsage with her dress. You may even want to pick out the corsage and boutonniere together so that you can make sure the flowers are similar.

Your florist should be able to make suggestions based on the availability and current trends. Some of the most popular flowers this spring are: sweetheart roses, dendrobium orchids, alstroemeria lilies, mini carnations and other small flowers such as cornflowers and freesia. Don’t be afraid to opt for something other than roses or carnations.

Grad Day
You should plan to pick up the corsage on the morning of Grad. To ensure that the flower looks just as good when you give it to your date, keep it in the refrigerator until you are ready to pick her up.

Want To Impress Her Even More?
Bring her a special bouquet and a card when you arrive to pick your date up! This is something she won’t expect and it shows that you’ve been planning ahead for the event.

If you need to purchase tickets, make sure that you have done so well in advance and that you have coordinated with your date. If possible, coordinate with your friends and try to get tables that are close together.

The ticket to your Grad may include dinner. However, if food will not be served at the event, you may want to make arrangements to go out to dinner with your date or a group of friends before Grad begins. If you happen to spill something on your tux, don’t panic! Just ask for some club soda, which will help you remove the stain on the spot.

Arrange transportation to and from Grad at least a month ahead of time, whether you are taking your parents’ car, or opting for something a little fancier. If you are renting a limo, shop around to find the best deal, and be sure to call the company and confirm your booking a few days ahead of the actual date.

Picking Up Your Date
Arrange a time with your date that you will arrive to pick her up. Factor in at least 30 minutes for photos, especially if you are going with a group of friends.

The Big Day
Make sure that you get enough sleep the night before Grad. You should also try to avoid contact sports for a few days before Grad & you don’t want to show up with a black eye! Grad should be a fun and memorable night. After months or preparation and anticipation, make sure that you relax and enjoy the big night with your friends!