Guide To Grad – Girls’

Girls Guide to Grad

Grad season is right around the corner! Grad is one of the most exciting and memorable events in a teenager’s life; an event that involves planning ahead, budgeting and organization. This guide will help you through all the different aspects of planning a flawless grad; from finding the perfect dress, to wearing the best shoes, to jewelry and beauty musts. We have compiled tips from grad and style experts that are sure to help you to prepare for the big night.

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The Dress Makes The Girl

Your grad will be one of the most exciting and memorable days of your life and you want your grad dress to be a sensational memory too. Girls will spend months searching for the perfect grad dress. With many businesses prepared to meet your every need, deciding which dress to purchase can be overwhelming. There and hundreds of different styles, cuts and colours. To look your best you need to find the one that is right for you.

Dress to suit your taste and personality, and have fun with it!

Tips for Dress Shopping
Plan Ahead!
Start planning your look a few months in advance. Make sure to try on various styles and accessories. It’s important to find a dress that highlights your body type and personality, even if you haven’t determined what pieces will go with it.

Know Your Options
The salespeople at any gown store will be able to help you with finding the right dress. Some styles are more formal than others, some are suited for certain body types and so on. Salespeople see many different dresses on all body types. They are an excellent resource as to what might look just right. The salesperson will be able to show you the most popular looks for this season and what styles fit your body type best. Book an entire day that you can devote to exploring your dress options. This will give you the chance to narrow down your choices and have some time to think about them.

Dress Trends
Romance is the theme with formalwear this season. Red carpet stars are decked out in long gowns with sweeping trains and ruffle details. Black is simple and classic, but lighter and brighter colours are turning heads on the red carpet. Grey, champagne gold, metallic shades and brilliant blues have been the most popular. When dress shopping, take a friend with you who knows your style. Their comments will tell you what styles flatter you the most and they may have some interesting ideas that you may not have thought of.

Color Trends
Color in 2019 is all about rich, deep and classy. Deep purple, pink, apple green, silver and blue are the hottest colors to look for in both prom dress and ball gown styles. Whether you prefer the traditional white or pastel shades, or you go for the strong, rich colors, be sure to look at lots of different colors to spark your fashion imagination. Explore the huge selection of prom gowns, experiment with styles and above all, express yourself!

Coordinate With Your Date
Once you have decided on a dress discuss with your date the options of matching their vest, tie, suit or tuxedo to your dress. If you don’t want to match, aim for complimentary color harmonies. Avoiding the accident of a pink dress and a red vest. Quite often you will have your dress or at least be thinking about your dress much sooner than your date. Plan ahead so you look great together!

Discuss Accessories
Once you have found the perfect dress, its time to accessorize! Proper accessories will pull your look together. Try to keep with the overall theme of your look. If you’re going for the romantic and the feminine, aim for delicate pieces with a bit of sparkle. For an edgier look, go for bold pieces with bright stones or studs.

Footwear Trends
Comfort should be as much of a priority as style. Too often, girls come to grad in sky-high heels, only to kick them off an hour later. Aim for a heel that is around the height that you normally wear. If you usually walk around in four-inch heels, go for it! If not, your grad is really not the best time to start. If you are on the petite side, avoid shoes with an ankle strap, as they tend to make the leg look shorter. Aim instead for a cute pair of sling backs that give you that extra height and elongate the line of the leg. Wear your shoes around the house a bit to break them in. Doing this also scuffs the soles, giving them better grip and reducing the risk of a dangerous slip.

Break Them In
Once you have decided on your shoes for the prom, make sure you wear them in before the night. In case it is a new type of shoe that you are about the wear for the first time practice wearing them a week before so that by the time prom night comes you are used to them and hence feel comfortable on the dance floor.

Your attire for the prom night will not be complete without a gorgeous necklace, earrings, and other types of jewelry. When buying jewelry, take the style of your dress and your hairstyle into consideration, and when in doubt, keep it simple. You don’t want your gown to be overwhelmed by your jewelry. This year’s biggest trend is long, sparkly earrings, which are a great way to add a bit of glitz to your look without going overboard.

Jewelry Trends
This season, multi-stringed necklaces are hot. Accent a v-neck, scoop neck or boat neck dress or other ensemble with a strand of beads or pearls. It isn’t hard to find beads and pearls in one or more colors that match your dress.

The Hair
Your hair should match the overall aesthetic that you are going for. Be sure to book a trial appointment with your stylist. This year’s styles are very simple. Loose waves and curls are popular, as well as low, casual chignons. Wear a button-down shirt to your appointment so that your hair does not get messed up while you are putting your dress on.

Nails and Feet
Since this is your night to shine, manicured hands and feet are essential, especially if you’re wearing open-toe shoes. Book a group appointment with your mom or your friends and turn an afternoon of pampering into a fun bonding activity! If your budget does not allow for a professional manicure, choose your own nail polish and do it yourself the night before.

On a night as special as your graduation, you want to arrive in style. Discuss your options with your friends, and confirm your ride well in advance. If you plan to book a limo, shop around and compare prices, and do not forget to call and confirm a few days before the actual date.

Pre-order your corsage and his boutonniere at least a couple of weeks before the actual date as grad season is a busy time for florists. Consult your date on the colours of his vest and tie, or select a white flower, like a rose or an orchid, that matches everything.

Flower Trends
Your florist should be able to make suggestions based on availability and current trends. Some of the most popular flowers are sweetheart roses, dendrobium orchids, alstroemeria lilies, mini carnations and other small flowers such as cornflowers.

Make Sure You Get Enough Sleep!
You want to be rested up for a long evening of dancing. Although grad can be a stressful event to plan for it should be a fun a memorable night once you are there. After months and anticipation make sure you relax and enjoy the big night with your friends. Follow these tips, and you’ll be anything this grad season.