November 8, 2019

The Finer Points to Men’s Style – Renting or Buying for the Big Day

Once you’ve decided on your wedding style and what you want to wear on your wedding day, the next big question is choosing whether to rent […]
October 4, 2019

Groom’s and Groomsmen’s Colours

2020 is the year tailored fits and textured attire! It’s also the year of the groom sharing the spotlight with the bride and showing personality with […]
September 25, 2019

The Best Shoe For The Event

Picking the correct shoe colour that matches not only your suit colour but the event style is important. It can make you look on par with […]
August 13, 2019

Taking Great Groomsmen Photos

We all know that your wedding day is about her. It’s about how she looks, her dress, and the fact that she’s marrying you. You don’t […]
August 4, 2019

Fall Suit Ideas for Grooms

Fall is the perfect time to bring out those warmer, richer fabrics and colours that just don’t work right throughout the rest of the year. From […]
February 8, 2019

Everything You Need To Know About Renting a Tuxedo

Whether you’re dressing for a wedding or a glitzy black-tie holiday party, it’s inevitable that you’ll eventually need to trade in your go-to suit for a […]
February 6, 2019

To Buy or To Rent Your Wedding Suit and Groomsmen Attire

Rarely does a bride entertain the thought of renting her wedding dress, but to buy or to rent a wedding suit seems to be the question […]
October 2, 2018

Men’s Fall Looks and Layering Techniques

Fall has brought the chilly weather with it which means it’s time to pull out the warmer clothing. Read below on the latest men’s fall fashion and layering […]
September 18, 2018

Tie Guide – Which width is for you?

The current trend for the width of ties is anywhere between 2.25″ – 3.25″. Deciding which width is right for you comes down to a few main […]