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August 13, 2019
Groom’s and Groomsmen’s Colours
October 4, 2019

Picking the correct shoe colour that matches not only your suit colour but the event style is important. It can make you look on par with today’s fashion style or create a fashion flop. Below we’ve listed a few helpful hints to help find the best shoe to make you look amazing at your next big event.


A few things to consider:

1) Is the event formal or more casual?

2) Colour of the shoe – Does it mix well with your suit colour?

3) Will you be dancing?


1) Formal or Casual event?

Formal: A classic black shoe goes well with a tuxedo or suit.

Less formal: You can relax on the colour and style of the shoe. Depending on your suit colour, brown, dark tan or even red shoes can be acceptable. You can always choose a patina look for a bit more stylish look.

TIP: The darker the colour, the more formal your outfit will look.


2) Find your suit colour to see what shoes colour matches best with it.

Black suit or tuxedo: A black shoe is your best bet.

Charcoal suit: Black, dark brown, medium brown or merlot.

Navy suit: Black, dark brown, medium brown or walnut.

Grey or Light Grey suit: Black, dark brown, merlot or medium brown.

Brown Suit: Brown, medium brown, walnut.

Olive Green: Dark brown, merlot, medium brown or chili.

TIP: Grooms, make sure your groomsmen’s shoe colour matches yours! It completes the look and after putting so much thought into what suit style and colour you want, why not complete the look??!


3) Dance the night away!

In order to spend the evening on the dance floor, you’ll want to make sure the soles of your shoes can handle all that foot movement and slide across the floor without being sticky.

Smooth leather soles or soft rubber soles without threading make it much easier to slide across the floor without any issues.

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