Taking Great Groomsmen Photos

We all know that your wedding day is about her. It’s about how she looks, her dress, and the fact that she’s Taking Great Groomsmen Photosmarrying you. You don’t ever hear about the groom worrying about his photos. But trust us, it’s normal to be concerned. Every guy worries. How am I going to make sure I look great? How am I going to make sure my groomsmen and I have the best photos ever? You might not think about it until it’s happening, but it definitely will come up. Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered with a couple of tips!

Stay relaxed! Nothing looks worse for anyone taking a photo than being too stiff and nervous. Getting your photo taken can be nerve-wracking at best, and getting your photo taken on the biggest day of your life so far won’t necessarily help those nerves. If you’re lucky, you’ll have a photographer that’s good at grabbing those candid moments where you’re just enjoying the day, or at least good at calming you down. But just in case, do your best to not fake the smile. Think about a happy moment – as cheesy as that sounds. Think about proposing, or a funny memory – anything. Just do your best to stay as relaxed as possible.

Have fun with it! Things will look better if you’re genuinely smiling and not forcing it – so don’t! Bring out that sense of humor and be goofy! It’ll make for nice, relaxed photos, as well as a great laugh. Recreate the proposal with your groomsmen, act out an epic fight scene – anything for a laugh! Showcase your friendship. That’s what these photos are for. Just enjoy it!

(Photo: buzzfeed.com)