Fall Suit Ideas for Grooms

Fall is the perfect time to bring out those warmer, richer fabrics and colours that just don’t work right throughout the rest of the year. From velvet to prints, have some fun with your fall wedding! Don’t forget about those little details like fun, trendy ties.


1. Velvet

This rich looking fabric is the perfect pick if you’re matching to a jeweled toned colour palette. Velvet can make you feel super sexy on one of the most important days of your life. Your lapels can be the contrast you may be looking for with a non-velvet look.




2. Burgundy

Ditch the usual black suit and go for something a bit more trendy. Burgundy is a wonderful option for a fall day wedding. Have your groomsmen wear a solid suit with a burgundy tie to fit in with the theme.


3. Tweed

Tweed is perfect for those chilly, autumn weddings. This classic warm fabric can give off many styles including vintage, retro, rustic and many more. Looking great in many colour choices from blues, browns, and shades of grey, you will definitely catch the eye of your bride. Don’t forget to pair it with a unique boutonniere.



4. Ties

Why not have some fun with this little detail? Instead of a basic, solid tie go for a fun print. Let your personality shine a little whether it be a floral tie or bold print.