Men’s Fall Looks and Layering Techniques

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Fall has brought the chilly weather with it which means it’s time to pull out the warmer clothing. Read below on the latest men’s fall fashion and layering techniques so you don’t end up with the bulky look.


1. The Quilted Jacket

This is the perfect layer to wear before you pull out the winter parka, not too hot on warmer fall days but won’t allow you to freeze on the chillier days.


2. The Down Vest

Whether you choose to have this under your quilted jacket or stand along\e, you won’t regret it. Many are made with a thermal-reflective lining inside to keep you toasty warm and a water-resistant outer layer to make sure you don’t soak through in the rain.


3. The Wingtip Boot

This is the perfect all around boot. Dress it up with a suit or go for a more casual look under some jeans. The detail and lace-up of this boot makes you look great no matter what the occasion.


4. The Zip Sweater

You have a few choices here, you can go with a full-zip or a quarter-zip closure. Either one will look amazing under a jacket or vest. Remember to keep the fit of the sweater less baggy for a more clean, put-together look.


5. The Double Breasted Jacket

Often seen made of wool, you can find it also in leather and other fabrics. This jacket gives you many options under it; wear anything from a T-Shirt, collared shirt (with or without a tie) or a turtleneck depending on the look you’re going for.


6. The Scarf

Have some fun with this, play with colours, materials, etc. In the fall you’re going to want a thicker material like cashmere. The soft surface will not irritate your skin while keeping you warm. Tuck it into your jacket or play with some different styles of knots.

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