Summer Suit Styling: Tips for Looking and Staying Cool

Summer is right around the corner, and it’s time to get looking your best for summer events. Weddings, parties, and BBQ’s are filling up your calendar quickly. But how do you adjust your outfits to the season without compromising your individual style? We want to help you out with our guide to summer suit styling!

Summer Suit Styling: Fabrics


One of the most common linens used in fashion, cotton allows for a breathable suit to help keep you cool. It’s great for heavy sweaters as this natural fiber won’t be showing those pesky sweat stains.

One downfall of cotton, however, is that you may have some issues when it comes to flexibility. Cotton doesn’t have a lot of natural stretch, so you may find your movements are restricted.

Cotton suits will start to show wear and tear after time, so be sure to take proper care and look after it.


Linen is known to be the go-to material when it comes to summer suits. The lightweight fabric is light and looks great. Because of how light it is, linen is great for keeping you cool when you’re feeling the heat.

Linen suits can usually be found in a range of light colours, making them an optimal choice for a summer wedding.


Because silk is a natural fiber, it’s great for comfort and breathability making it a great option for hotter months.

Keep in mind, however, that silk can be effected by heavy sweating, so you want to make sure that your jacket is lined to help keep you stain-free.

Summer Suit Styling: Colours


summer suit styling - white suit-min

It’s well-known that white suits are very popular for both summer events and destination weddings. The difficult part of wearing white is that you may over-shadow the bride on a wedding day. It’s usually okay if you’re the groom, but we don’t suggest white if you’re just a guest!

White is an easy shade to style, but you want to make sure you avoid wearing all white. Pair it with a coloured shirt or tie to avoid looking like a


Playing off of the white look, beige is a great alternative choice when you want to wear a light suit. Beige is a bit more practical than white, too, as you can wear it more often.

A beige suit gives you the opportunity to play with lots of colours. You can mix and match with any other shade as well, allowing you to create numerous looks.

Pale Grey

summer suit styling - grey suit-min

Although grey may not be a new option when it comes to suits, we see more and more people opting for a light grey over a traditional charcoal. Not to mention, a light grey compliments the summer feeling without going right for the white.

You can pair light grey with just about every colour available. Try a plain white or black shirt for a classic look, or opt for a gingham or paisley print to mix things up.


summer suit styling - blue suit-min

Navy is great, but can still be considered too dark for summer events. Why not try a nice mid-blue suit to mix things up but still show your individuality?

Coordinate your mid-blue suit with a light blue shirt and light brown shoes for a complete look that says cool, calm, and collected.

Summer Suit Styling: Other Notes

Suit Cut

Did you know there is more than one option when it comes to the cut of a suit? You can always opt for the Classic fit if that’s your thing, but we also suggest trying a Modern or Slim fit to change things up.

So, what’s the difference between cuts?

  • Classic Fit – This cut showcases a clean-cut body style, but is usually cut a bit bigger through the chest and waist. A Classic fit is well-suited for someone who doesn’t wear suits normally or for someone who is bigger and needs a bit more room.
  • Modern Fit – This cut falls between a Classic and a Slim cut. They don’t have as much room as a Classic cut, but aren’t as tailored as a Slim cut. A Modern fit is well-suited for someone who wants to look sharp but is unsure if they can pull off a Slim cut.
  • Slim Fit – This cut is fitted closer to the body and doesn’t have excess fabric hanging around. Slim cut styles look sharp, but may not be the best choice for everyone.

Suit Shirts

Picking the perfect suit can be a large task, but once you’ve picked The One, you need to choose what to wear with it.

summer suit styling - dress shirts folded-min

You don’t want to go with anything too dark, especially if you’ve chosen a light suit. Try to stick to pastels or light prints or, when in doubt, just pair your suit with a classic white shirt.

Shoes & Accessories

When looking at shoes to pair with your suit, you want to make sure that everything works together. Loafers may be the best choice as they offer a cooler equivalent to the usual dress shoe. They also allow for you to be able to scrap the socks, keeping your feet cool.

Try and opt for shades of black or brown to give you the best formal look, and you can combine them with a wide range of suit colours. This means you can rock the same shoes all season!

summer suit styling - dress shoes-min

Trying to find the perfect summer suit for your wedding or event can be an overwhelming task, but with such a wide range of fabrics, fits, and colours to choose from, you’ll have no trouble finding the best choice. Master the summer and keep your cool without problem thanks to this guide.