6 Spectacular Wedding Day surprises You Groom Will Absolutely Love

If you’re the happiest girl in the world because of your soon-to-be husband, surely you want to make things equally special for him on your wedding day. And no, this isn’t about purchasing a really expensive gift for your groom; you simply have to show him how much he means to you!

So without much ado, here are six ways you can surprise your groom and sweep him off his feet on your wedding day!

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1) Reserve Alone Time for The First Look

The First Look is supposed to be a magical moment, and while some people would suggest that you should stick to tradition and only see each other at the altar, consider reserving some alone time for yourself and your groom. This way, you get to make this an intimate moment without having all your wedding guests staring at both of you.

Having a private First Look is also a great way to get rid of jitters and get the tears out so you’re not turning on the waterworks during the ceremony! Do get the bulk of your couple shots clicked during this time so you have plenty of time to celebrate with your loved ones after the ceremony.

Psst: Just don’t tell your partner you intend to do this, and surprise him on your wedding day!


2) Write Him a Love Letter

Your groom will be delighted to receive a handwritten letter from you on the day of your wedding! Putting your emotions in writing makes it special because your groom will be able to read all those heartfelt words over and over again and cherish this memento for eternity.

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If you don’t know what to write in your letter, look online for inspiration. However, speak from your heart and pen down your own feelings! Make a list or a rough draft of the letter, covering all the things you want to include. Also jot down notes whenever you think of something while you’re busy or just lounging around. Once you feel you’ve got it all, set aside some quiet time to complete your letter.


3) Send Him Breakfast in Bed

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Right before the madness of your big day begins, show him that you love and care for him by treating him to an elaborate spread right in bed! If you’re staying at a hotel, order in his favorite things. If that’s not possible, consider putting together a hamper full of goodies he loves. Get his best man and groomsmen on board to help you get it right.

If you love to cook or bake, you might want to prepare his favorite muffins or cookies in advance to add to the hamper. Or, if you know he would be thrilled to get some hot cocoa in the morning, fill a pretty mason jar with homemade hot chocolate mix. Your groom will only need to stir equal parts of the mix and hot water for a quick treat!


4) Help Him Lighten Up

Surprise! Grooms have their share of wedding day-worries too. Help him relieve his anxiety by spending some quiet time with him regularly in the days leading up to your big day.

On the morning of your wedding, gift him something that can put his mind at ease. Perhaps a spa body wash and a relaxing scented candle or aromatherapy incense sticks! Another great option is gifting your groom a bottle of bubbly or his favorite booze along with personalized glasses for him and his groomsmen. If he’s interested in cigars, gift him a sampler pack along with a cutter and a torch flame lighter!


5) Win Him over with Accessories

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You’ve probably got your wedding bands ready to go, but consider adding a surprise element by getting the rings engraved with a short and sweet message. If you and your groom already have this in mind, just keep the message a secret from him! Other options include monogrammed cufflinks or custom ones engraved with your wedding date.

Speaking of monograms, gift your groom a pair of monogrammed socks or a monogrammed handkerchief. You can also gift him a tie with a personalized label sewn onto the back! If you’re willing to splurge, you might want to buy that watch he’s been eyeing all this while. For pierced grooms, diamond earrings or studs can make for an amazing wedding day surprise!


6) Be Attentive to His Likes

It’s always a good thing to discuss the wedding theme, décor, menu, and all the trappings with your soon-to-be husband. After all, it’s his big day too! While you might be inclined to do just as you please, be attentive to his likes and dislikes, and he’ll know you love him with all your heart.

Consider requesting the band to play his favorite song or get your wedding cake or décor to reflect his love for a superhero or movie. You can also wear a themed garter or lingerie in a color he loves!


Aren’t these ideas simply amazing? We’re sure you can’t wait for your wedding day to show your fiance how much you love him! Till then, use the tips given here to narrow down your choices. Reflect on what makes your man so special, and you’ll be able to choose just the right thing for him.

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Written By: Swara Segal