Grooms Speech – And How To Make It Perfect

After everyone waits with bated breath for the moment the bride glides down the aisle in her gown to say I do, the eyes turn to the groom in the evening for the groom’s speech. Writing a memorable groom’s speech takes some thought, it’s important to balance genuine gratitude towards the people who have helped you in putting on the wedding, some romantic words to your new wife, and a few funny moments. Worried? Don’t be! Once you’ve written your speech, practice a few times before the big day and you’ll be ready to go!


Say Thanks

It’s likely that a lot of people helped you and your partner get to the altar today! Make sure you share your gratitude on behalf of both of you. You should thank both your in-laws and your family for their love and support and your wedding party. While you can’t thank everyone that you would probably like to during your speech, make sure you include the key people that played a special role in your lives.

Get Some “Awwww”s

Make sure you include a few romantic nods to the bride during the speech; be sure to mention that she looks beautiful and how thrilled you are to be there with her. Including a few romantic stories is a great way to win over your audience – if there’s an occasion to be sappy, this is it!


Make Them Laugh

This is not the time to bring up wild stories but adding a joke or two is a great way to lighten the mood and relax while giving your speech. However, make sure they’re lighthearted and fun, you don’t want to risk appearing insincere or accidentally offend someone. Keep your language and jokes clean!

Practice Makes Perfect

Once you’ve got the speech written, practice it a few times. This will help you feel comfortable with giving the speech and find any awkward phrases that don’t flow so you can tweak them. If you can, try speaking in the venue to test the acoustics and figure out how loud you need to speak or if you need a microphone.


Still worrying about your speech? There are lots of great resources and templates for speech writing online; if you’re stuck, search online for advice or groom’s speech templates and let those guide you as you write a speech that will make your Uncle Sam chuckle and Grandma Ann wipe a tear from her eye.

Most importantly, relax and enjoy your special day!