We want to hear your romantic proposal stories!

we-want-to-hear-your-romantic-proposal-storiesHello grooms, husbands, grooms-to-be, ladies, gentlemen, whomever! We want to hear your romantic proposal stories! Did you propose to your special someone? Did your special someone propose to you?

Proposals take a lot of planning and work to get right. Ordering the ring can take months by itself, not to mention the planning for the actual moment! Some people take months and months to plan the proposal itself.

I’ll share my proposal story – keep in mind, this is told from a woman’s perspective, so if you are planning to propose to a woman, I can definitely provide some solid insight into what was important to me, and what I remember most.

I had been expecting my boyfriend of 7 years to propose for a long time. In fact, so long, that I had essentially given up on him. I was ready to propose to him because I felt like he was dragging his feet. I was so ready, that I had a plan to propose to him on our 7 year anniversary. He beat me to the punch…by two days.

I would always talk to my one friend – who was recently engaged at the time – and vent about my frustrations. Turns out, she knew the whole time that my now-fiance was planning on proposing soon. Anyway, this particular day I was really frustrated with him, because yet another friend of mine shared on Facebook that she was engaged. I was complaining to my friend, complaining to my mom and sisters (who also knew he was proposing later that day), and they egged me on. “I can’t believe he’s still waiting on this,” “it’s unfair to you at this point,” etc.

Anyway, he picks me up and suggests we go for a dog walk before our dinner reservations. I agree, and we go to the dog park where we spend most evenings and weekends, so it was a pretty mundane activity in my mind. During our walk, he is falling behind me a bit, and he stops and says “do you want good news or bad news?” All I said was “..what?” He responded with “guess who got engaged?” Me, already being annoyed, said “who?!” and started walking towards him. He responded with “you…will you marry me?”

What a cheeseball! Anyway, here are the most important parts of the proposal for me: my family and friends all knew, except my two best friends who I got to tell myself; he tricked me – we are both fun people, and don’t take ourselves seriously, so I love that he made that part of the night; he had plans for us after – we went out for dinner and then to a hockey game where all of my friends met up with us and we got to share it with them; he surprised me, and that was most important to me!

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