Fall Fashion

The most fashionable season is upon us! That’s right everyone, it’s fall. And while that signals the end of summer, it also signals the season of fashion. Fall fashion is always the most anticipated, and usually ends up as our favourite.


Lucky for us, fall fashion usually takes a new twist on traditional trends. For example, you can almost guarantee that layering is a fall trend to look forward to – which we appreciate. It’s getting cold out there! We suggest layering greys and blue, burgundy, or red. We also like the trend of whites and ivory’s (we’re over that “don’t wear white after labour day” business). White pants or a white jacket are totally ok this year (but not together, you do not want to look like the KFC guy)!

If you are looking for a pop of colour for a generally grey outfit, try adding it into your sweater vest, tie, gloves, or scarf. These are all necessary fall items to have, and lucky for you, they often come in some gorgeous colours. Again, the in-colours this season are coppers, blues and reds. Do not shy away from these colours! Embrace them, and let them into your wardrobe.

Finally, invest in a duffle coat. It has definitely been the most popular style on the runway this season, and because of that, there are lots of variations from different designers, which makes for a great shopping season for you, the consumer! You have a lot of options and you can find exactly the style and colour you need to fit your style. As far as jackets go, a general rule is to keep the colours neutral. However, we don’t think you should shy away from a jacket you love just because it is a brighter colour. If you love it, get it!


(photo: vogue.com)