Newly Moved In – Sharing Space

Newly Moved In – Sharing Space DERKS Blog

So you’ve just moved in with your significant other, congratulations! Moving in together is a huge step to take, so the fact that you have done it shows your level of commitment. But now that you have taken that step, you have quite a few new things to navigate through. Sharing space, new rules, a boat-load of new ways to communicate are about to come at you. We are here to help you navigate through that!

  1. Set some ground rules. You are sharing space, all of your space. Whether you are moving into their place, the are moving into yours, or you are moving into a new place together, there needs to be rules. Even if it’s just “always knock on the bathroom door when it’s closed before coming in.” Simple, common sense stuff, but it doesn’t hurt to lay it out!
  2. Have your own space and/or time. Set up some time just for you During the game, in your office space. When you’re reading the paper. Set that up, and be clear about it. Having your own alone time is so important in a relationship – living together or not!
  3. Communicate! As soon as ANY little thing comes up that is bothering you, talk it out. If you don’t, it’ll build up and explode eventually, and you do not want that.
  4. Keep time for your friends. Still see them, still hang out with them. Still do things you did with just them. Just because you are living with your S.O., doesn’t mean you have to invite them to every outing you have.

The most important thing is to try to discuss all of these things before you move in together. If

you do that, you won’t be going in blind and everyone will be on the same page. Take it easy, keep it real, and communicate, communicate, communicate!

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