Making Signature Cocktails

Making Signature Cocktails    derks blogMany couples opt for a signature cocktail at their wedding. This works really well if you and your future spouse have similar taste in alcohol. However, there are some couples who like completely different things to drink! That’s why we love the trend of having two signature cocktails: one for the bride and one for the groom.

Deciding on your signature cocktail can be tricky. Having a friend who is a bartender (or who has bartended in the past) can really help you if you are not going for a simple drink like something just on the rocks. Bartenders tend to know what favours compliment each other, and which ones will be complete disasters.

Your first step is to decide on liquor.  Chances are you will already have a beer option at the wedding, so we suggest stay away from beer and go for hard liquor. Are you a whiskey drinker? Vodka? Rum? Find your base and start there.

After you find your base, think of the mixed drinks you enjoy with that base. Old Fashion’s? Rum and coke? Whatever it is, use those drinks to pull tastes or ideas from to create your own drink.

This does not have to get complicated. Your signature drink could easily be just your favourite cocktail. If that is all it takes for you, that is perfectly fine! It is a good idea to practice making them, or try the bartenders version of it at your venue to ensure it will be exactly what you want.

If you do come up with your own, it is important to communicate that to your bartenders beforehand. Make sure they walk in knowing all of the information – it will make for much smoother sailing during the festivities!

If you are doing his and hers signature cocktails, make sure yours really suits your personality. That’s the whole point of it! Try a lot of different things out and perfect it so it fits exactly what you’re going for. Plus, it is yet another excuse to drink your favourite cocktail over and over – who is going to complain about that?

(photo via Pinterest)