You Are Allowed to Say No!

No, yYou Are Aloud to Say No Derks Blogou don’t have to go to every wedding your invited too. Yup. We said it. That is all there is to it. For some reason, people treat wedding invitations like a jury summons. You feel like you HAVE to go because you were invited. It’s like, you would be offending people if you don’t show up. Well…maybe you will. But there are definitely valid reasons not to go.

  • Weddings are really expensive. If you are invited to 4 weddings in a summer, that means a lot of money spent on gifts, transportation, outfits, etc. Throw in some destination weddings, and you might be sunk! Pick and choose the weddings that are most important to you if you can’t afford to go to all of them.
  • Maybe you don’t know the bride and groom all that well. Maybe it’s your best bro’s little sister’s wedding. Sure, you know her, but only because when you were little, she would bug you guys to play and since then you haven’t really spent any time with her. At all. Period. But you were still invited… If you feel weird about going because you don’t know the bride or the groom all that well, do not feel obligated to go.
  • You could be busy. Most weddings take place on Saturday’s, and let’s be real: not everyone works Monday to Friday. If you work on the weekends, work is a perfectly good excuse for why you can’t go to a wedding. Or maybe you have other plans. Maybe you bought tickets to a music festival, or you have planned a vacation on that date. IT’S OKAY!

There are some weddings you definitely should make every effort to go to. Family, close friends, and close friends and family of your spouse/significant other are definite considerations to make. You do not want to be *that* guy. Otherwise, really weigh your options. You do not have to go if you do not want to, or if you can’t afford it. There is no shame in that at all! You have to take care of you first!  (photo via Pinterest)