Reasons Why You Should Learn To Cook

Okay, Reasons Why You Should Learn to Cookhere’s the deal. More and more, people are relying on take out, fast food, and restaurants for their daily dose of calories. Unfortunately, the amount of calories in food found in restaurants is often WAY higher than what you actually need, and it is definitely not full of all of the stuff your body actually requires.

When you learn how to cook your own food, you learn a lot about your own body. You learn what the body needs, how much it needs, and why it needs it. You will learn why your body craves certain things (salt, iron, sugar). You will also learn how to control those cravings or meet them in a more positive way instead of grabbing a bag of chips or going to McDonalds.

First of all, you generally will be eating better, which will make you not only look better, but feel better. You will have more energy and higher abilities to do things you couldn’t necessarily do before. The worse you eat, the more sluggish and lethargic you are. The healthier and fresher the ingredients in your food, the more energy you have!

Second, everyone loves food. Women love a guy who can cook, and dudes love to eat. Let’s face it, if you are someone who can whip up some awesome food, you will be a hit wherever you go. Being able to cook can allow you to host more BBQ’s, save money on dates, and own your bros at something awesome.

Third, you can experiment. One of the best parts about cooking is coming up with your own recipes. You can try new things, watch easy tutorials online, and once you’ve been practicing for a while, you can try putting your own things together. It can actually be quite fun running around a kitchen throwing random things in a bowl and seeing how it turns out – kind of like a kid in a chemistry class. Try it out! (photo via Pinterest)