Canada Day Celebrations

Canada Day Celebrations   derks blogWell gentlemen, we lucked out this year. Our country’s birthday happens to be on a Friday, and everyone knows the best birthday parties take place on Friday nights! With Canada Day being on a Friday this year, your options for celebrations have skyrocketed. You (hopefully) don’t have to wake up nice and early for work the next day, and you will have plenty of time to enjoy the festivities well into the morning!

It is likely that many local bars, pubs and restaurants will have promotions and parties happening at their locations. We suggest you do some research and see where you want to spend some time on Canada Day! Good food is always a must when celebrating anything, so be sure to pick a place with awesome food and great beer.

Maybe the bar isn’t your scene? Well, nothing says Canada Day like a BBQ and/or a fire pit chill session. You can never go wrong with a gathering full of (again) food and beer. Plus, what is more Canadian than a fire pit in the summertime?! This option isn’t only super fun, but it’s also way cheaper than a restaurant or the bar. We see no negatives here!

We also suggest you check out what your city is doing to celebrate Canada’s 149th birthday. Many major cities have a fireworks show, parade, pancake breakfast, or various other celebrations. Look into your cities plans for the day, and take part in some (most likely free) fun! It really does seem like everyone is in a better mood on Canada Day – people have it off, and if they don’t, they are getting paid at least time and a half. This is a great chance to go out and do something different!


Happy celebrating, and be safe!


(photo via Pinterest)