Grad Do’s and Don’ts

Grad Do's and Don'ts Derks BlogIt’s grad season, young men. And it is most likely your first big, formal outing all about you and your friends. Sure, you’ve been to family weddings and other functions, but this time, you are in the spotlight. It can be pretty overwhelming if you haven’t had a sibling go through it before you, and trust us, they are nothing like the proms you see on TV. So take our advice!

DO: Go! Some people choose to forego their grad banquets and dances because they think it will be stupid or boring or they don’t have a date. Let us tell you how dumb that is. First of all, it is a meal to celebrate your accomplishment of graduating high school. It is the end of compulsory schooling and the beginning of everything else. At the time, you might not think it’s a big deal, but speaking as someone who is 9 years removed from it, it really is. And you DO NOT need a date. In fact, I brought a date to mine, and I couldn’t wait to ditch them. I wanted to hang out with my friends the entire time!

DON’T: ditch your date! I know, I just said I wanted to ditch mine, and that’s not a lie. But you will look like a complete scumbag if you do. So just don’t do it.

DO: get your date a corsage. It is a cute gesture and you will look like a champ if you show up with one. It is very gentlemanly, and that is a good way to be remembered down the road.

DON’T: feel like you have to match with your date! If your date chooses a puke green coloured dress, you DO NOT have to match your tie/vest with her! If you want to, feel free, but do not feel obligated. You are your own person, let it show!

DO: spend time with your family there. They are proud of you too, and just because you are celebrating with your friends doesn’t mean you can ditch the fam. They want to celebrate with you too!

DON’T: do anything you’ll regret. You want to remember the night, not forget it. We’ll just leave it at that.

Have an awesome time, and congrats to the grads of 2016! (Photo: