Emergency Kits for the Groom

Grooms, brides are Emergency Kits for the Groom Derks Blognot the only ones who need a day-of emergency kit! You will need to put this together before the big day, and ask one of your groomsmen to keep it on them. We have a nice list here for you so you do not have to do too much research!

– A non-drowsy anti-nausiant: something like Ginger Gravol can really help you out if you are getting a nervous stomach before, and that nervous stomach can lead to some serious sickness. Ginger Gravol is the best because it does not knock you out like normal Gravol does.

– Safety pins and corsage pins: you never know when you might need one. Corsage pins break, a sudden rip that you just do not have time to fix. Grab some!

– A sewing kit: this also helps if you have a sudden rip but a little more time. It also helps if you have someone who can sew. If not, there’s always Mama!

– Pain killers: always keep some Advil or Tylenol on hand.

– Band-Aids: just in case!

– Deodorant: you never know when you need a touch up!

– Mouthwash or mints: you will want to be fresh for that first kiss as a married couple!

– Snack: you do not want to faint up there. A granola bar or a piece of fruit will do.

– A comb: for your last minute hair check.

– Tide to go pen: pretty self-explanatory.

– Socks: you never know when you might need some extra socks!

– A small bottle of alcohol: to take the edge off.

– Kleenex: for the tears you are going to shed. And you will shed them. Be prepared for that!

– Concealer: I know, this one might be a bit out there for some of you, but it is important to have. You never know when a stress blemish will pop up, or you don’t know what might happen the night before at the bachelor party Match your bro before you go! Go to the drug store and buy a small tube of concealer and keep it handy, just in case.

Good luck!

(photo via Pinterest)