Here We Go!

Here We Go Derks BlogOften times at your wedding, there will be a space for the bride to get dressed and ready with all of her wonderful bridesmaids and her mom. There will likely be a space for you too! For you, you will probably be dressed beforehand. But there will be a space for you and your guys to hang out before you get ready to say “I do”.

Generally, you will be there a bit before guests arrive. You will hang out in this space and do some last minute things to get ready. An extra layer of deodorant, last minute hair fixes, and some time to practice your vows and get some last minute advice from your groomsmen.

However, once guests start arriving, it is up to you and the groomsmen to greet them, and almost act as ushers. While you will likely already have ushers, it will not hurt to be down there saying hello and welcoming guests, especially if you have a large guest list. A lot of people can easily overwhelm your ushers! Be there to help! Besides, you are not the one with the big reveal. However, if you need a bit of time to yourself before the big moment, you can always send your groomsmen out to do the grunt work while you enjoy your last few minutes.

It is best for you to come out five to ten minutes before the ceremony starts at the VERY latest. You do not want to seem like you are not grateful for all of your guests coming to witness this awesome day! Go out, schmooze, and thank everyone for coming! Start celebrating before the ceremony has begun. Enjoy! (photo via Pinterest)