So You’re Going Gray

patrickOkay, it’s really no big deal. It is a natural aging process, and it happens to everyone. Some earlier than others, of course, but that does not make it any less natural. Lucky for you, salt and pepper is IN IN IN!

Women love the look of a man with some gray in his hair. It adds an air of being distinguished and classy. It adds a sense of experience and confidence, especially if you can wear that salt and pepper look without blinking an eye.

It is really important to own it. Make that look your own! Confidence is key, here. It is really important to remember that this is all completely normal. It happens to both men and women when their bodies go through changes while aging. Generally people get more self conscious. However, this is often a look you can rock. This change in your body does not affect your health, so there is definitely no worry there – why not enjoy it!

It is also something you should be proud of because it shows you’ve lived. They are like laugh lines – they show a part of your story. Wear it loud and proud. Don’t be ashamed that you have had times of stress in your life, or that you have lived long enough to have your hair naturally gray. Wear it like a badge of honour, because that is what it is! (photo: