Top 6 Male Style Icons

Top 6 Male Style Icons - Daniel Dae Kim Derks BlogDaniel Dae Kim

Best known for his roles on Lost and Hawaii Five-0, Daniel Dae Kim is considered one of the most stylish men out there. We definitely can’t say we disagree. It seems like everything this guy wears looks great. If only we all had that talent, right? (photo:

Ryan GoslingTop 6 Male Style Icons - Ryan Gosling Derks Blog

This one is pretty obvious, I’m sure none of you are surprised. Ryan Gosling makes a white t-shirt and jeans look couture. This guy can pull anything off effortlessly. He is definitely someone to keep an eye on for style inspiration. (photo:


Top 6 Male Style Icons - Anthony Mackie Derks BlogAnthony Mackie

One of the more underrated stars of the Marvel Avengers franchise is Anthony Mackie, playing Falcon. Beyond his talent on screen, he showcases his talent in style off screen. Anthony Mackie always looks fresh, and we can’t help but be jealous. (photo:

Ryan ReynoldsTop 6 Male Style Icons - Ryan Reynolds Derks Blog

Well this is one guy we know we need to admire for more than just his acting and style, but also for his hilarious remarks. Ryan Reynolds is an all around icon for our age, and we love it. Besides, he’s married to Blake Lively, so the guy must be doing something right.  (photo:

Top 6 Male Style Icons - Morgan Freeman Derks BlogMorgan Freeman

An oldie but a goodie. I feel like Morgan Freeman is always one step ahead of everyone. I guess it’s true what they say – with age comes wisdom! The guy always knows what’s up, and always looks great. Classic is always classy. (photo:

Lenny KravitzTop 6 Male Style Icons - Lenny Kravitz Derks Blog

If you like an out-of-the-box style icon, we’ve found your man. Lenny Kravitz tends to step outside of the boundaries when it comes to fashion, but he undoubtedly always pulls it off, and even makes it a signature look. Look at blanket scarves…the trend was essentially started by him.(photo: