Summer Date Ideas

Summer is *finally* coming our way and we couldn’t be more excited. Summer is the time that we can always be outside, enjoying the company of others, and enjoying the fact that work has slowed down just a little bit for a few months. Patios, parks and parties, nothing beats a great summer! Summer is also the time where love often blossoms. We thought we would give you some great summer date ideas to help you along with that process!

Patios, patios, patios! Everyone loves having a nice cold drink on a patio during a hot day. Definitely make that one of your date ideas. This works well at all stages in a relationship as well – from first date, to married couples, everyone will enjoy spending time with someone special outside.

Fairs – there are so many fairs always going on in the summer. Here in Edmonton, it’s K-Days. Throwback to the old days when you could eat 5 corndogs and go on all the crazy rides and not get sick, and go have some fun! With a ton of great artists lined up for K-Days, you can absolutely come in and enjoy some awesome entertainment for cheap!

Festivals and Events – again, here in Edmonton there a ton of summer festivals going on – we are called Festival City for a reason! Heritage Days, Taste of Edmonton, Slide the City, Folkfest, The Fringe…just to name a few. Check out local festivals and events and head over to one!

New restaurants – summer is the time a lot of new restaurants pop up. Take your date to try a place neither of you have ever been! It will be an awesome way to explore your city and step out of your comfort zone at the same time.

Star Gazing – there are some things you can only do in the summer. Stargazing (comfortably) is one of those things. Sure you can do it in the winter, but it is freezing! Drive outside of the city and just look up. My fiancé and I were on our way home from Jasper one night and we stopped and just stepped outside of our car for about 20 minutes and stared at the sky. We could clearly see the Milky Way. She had never seen it before, and she said it was one of the most magical things she had ever seen.  Cheap date, wasn’t planned, and one of the most memorable times!

Water – yes, anything to do with water. Lake, pool, sprinkler even. Cool off together by taking a dip, having a watergun fight, or just relaxing by the lake! You can’t go wrong there!

(photo: Date Ideas Derks Blog