Ties: A Statement Piece

Ties can be a tricky business in buying. While they are seemingly a small part of your wardrobe, they are definitely a statement piece. If you have a great tie, people notice. If you have a terrible tie…people notice. You do not want to skimp on buying a tie, which is absolutely true. But how do you know which tie is best for you?

You want to make sure you look at proportion. Think of the outfit you are going to be wearing this tie with. Do you want a skinny tie or a wider tie? Also take into consideration your own body structure. Are you a wider set person? Generally you can go with a wider tie. Are you super thin? We don’t recommend a wide tie if you are!

Check out the tie bar tack (the stitch on the back). It is a reinforced stitch that holds the folds of your tie together. If it a strong and sturdy stitch, you are set. If it seems a bit flimsy and weak, steer clear. Be sure to check other stitches as well throughout your tie for any faulty construction!

Look into the fabric of the tie. Not saying that some fabrics are better than others, it really depends on what you are going for. But different fabrics say different things. Silk ties are your easiest go-to, though. They can be both casual and formal.

Try it on. Make sure it sits nicely on your chest, wraps around your neck perfectly, and the cut looks right on you. You never know now things are going to look just by looking at them on the hanger. It is important to try things on every time, including ties! Ties can be an investment. Make sure you are making a good one.

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