Get Fit for the Summer!

It is that time of year again gentlemen. It is time to get ready for the summer, and that mostly means getting as fit as you can! Now, we know you all have your own routines and things that work for you. So whatever you are already doing that is working, keep it up! Otherwise, take these tips:

Eat clean. I know, easier said than done. The great thing about spring and summer is that produce is amazing. You are getting fresher ingredients, and tons of new recipes are coming out. Take advantage!

Do some research for new recipes. It is exhausting eating the same thing all the time. Especially after winter has passed and it feels like all you have eaten is meat and potatoes. Go online and find some sick new recipes. Maybe BBQ? Now that the sun is out, it is time to crank the BBQ up too!

It is no longer dark and cold all the time like it is in the winter, so your mood is generally going to be lifted now that the sun is out for more than 5 hours a day. Your energy will also increase as well! Take advantage of that, and use that energy to spend an extra 20 minutes at the gym, or go on an extra walk with your dog, or even venture out and do an outdoor workout instead! A change of scenery can really make all the difference.

Change up your workouts. YouTube has a ton of great videos for new workouts to try every day, focusing on different muscle groups. If you do the same workout every day, chances are you will plateau a lot faster than you would otherwise. Go online and broaden your workout scope a little! Your body will thank you!

You could even try joining a class of something you have always wanted to do, like boxing! Or join a rec sports team and play soccer, basketball, baseball, or football once a week. Small things like that will make a huge difference!

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