Staying Warm for Winter Weddings

Staying Warm for Winter Weddings Derks Blog

Winter wedding season is still upon us, and we know you are going to want to take advantage of the beautiful snow outside for your wedding photos. What you are not going to want is to completely freeze while you do it. While we know it is easier for a woman to look elegant and classy in small things like shawls, us guys out there are still freezing ourselves to death, just so we can have the right look. But don’t worry…we have a couple of tips for you – and they are pretty simple ones, too!

Buy a nice jacket. Yup, it is that easy. Check out a nice wool one – something you can wear again and again. Jackets like these never go out of style, and you will look incredibly professional wearing them to work. They have a ton of different uses, and there is no one that will say they look bad. Trust us, girls swoon over these jackets. It would be a great investment.

Bring an extra pair of socks. Dress shoes have bad insulation, it’s just a fact. And you’ll most likely be wearing thin dress socks inside of those shoes. So bring an extra pair of socks to wear outside. You can take them right off when you come back inside from the cold, but while you are out there, your feet will definitely thank you.

Bring a nice scarf. Scarves can actually work wonders on keeping you warm (and can make for a great prop for the photos too!). Scarves are classy and timeless, and you can’t go wrong!

Photo Credit to Flikr’s coggles_com