Suit and Tuxedo Terminology

Suit and Tuxedo Terminology Derks Blog

Alright gentlemen, we are here to give you a quick crash-course on your suit and tuxedo terminology. You are welcome.

Suit: a set of clothing designed to be worn together, made of the same fabric. It is often worn with a button-up shirt and a tie.

Tuxedo: more casual than a suit. Often includes the presence of satin, and worn with accessories like cuff-links.

Cuff-links: accessories worn with a tuxedo on the sleeve cuffs.

Lapels: the fold in the front of the jacket. Both suits and tuxedos have them, but suit lapels are made with the same material as the rest of the suit, while tuxedo lapels are often covered in a satin material.

Cumberbund: a sash worn around the waist, varying in colour.

Canvas: fabrics sewn into the suit or tuxedo to give it its shape and form.

Fusing: the way a suit is put together. Suits can be fused (high quality glue) or sewn.

Thread Count: measures the amount of threads per one square inch of fabric. Higher is often better (100-120) but too high (over 200) can actually make the suit less durable.

We hope this helped you out a little bit guys!

Photo Credit to MyTuxedoCatalog