Groomsmen bonding

Asking your best friends to be your groomsmen is the easy part. You ask, they (almost) always say yes, and they don’t have much to do until the fittings and the bachelor party. But your job as the groom isn’t over. It’s super important to have some groomsmen bonding time. Often these days, we have so many different groups of friends; from sports teams, to old high school buddies, and new work friends, people in your wedding party can come from pretty much anywhere. Because of this, planning a bachelor party all together can be nearly impossible when it comes to getting all the groomsmen together. That’s why it’s important to have some time where all of your groomsmen can get to know each other before the bachelor party, and that’s up to you, the groom!Groomsmen Bonding Derks Blog Post

The easiest way to introduce everyone will be at the engagement party. This is where everyone can finally put a face to a name, and they can get to know each other a little bit. Unfortunately, as the groom, you won’t have much time to spend with your groomsmen, as you’ll be greeting guests with your future bride.

We recommend having another get-together just for your groomsmen. Maybe have a barbeque and have everyone over, and watch the game. Or go out for some casual beers on a Friday night. Even hit up the slopes or an ice rink for a game of shinny. Anything can promote bonding between all of the groomsmen, as long as you’re there as the common denominator for everyone