Boutonnieres Derks Blog PostBoutonnieres are an essential accessory to every groom and groomsman. It really ties together the bridesmaids and groomsmen, as the boutonnieres often match the bouquets the bridesmaids and bride carries. However, the reason behind wearing them is quite old! It goes back to medieval times, when the woman you would marry (or one that you were courting) would give you a token when you would go off to fight in battle – usually a piece of cloth or flower. This would signify that you had someone to fight for or you had someone waiting for you back home. Now, the boutonniere is really all about looking great!

This season, greenery is really in! Keeping the boutonnieres very simple is important, and with greenery being so in, it makes it quite easy. It’s best to add just a little bit of colour as well, just to keep it tied in with the rest of the bridal party.


You want to keep boutonnieres small! Anything too big will be nothing but overwhelming to the look. The boutonniere acts as a simple accent, not as a focal point! Big flowers or bushy leaves are not recommended. We suggest you keep it as simple as possible. In fact, the fewer things in your boutonniere, the better!

Sorry, you can’t do this one alone! This is definitely a decision to be made with your partner. Make sure you discuss the look, colours, and potential flower ideas! But don’t be afraid to add a bit of your own flare. Some grooms attach a cufflink with a character on it into their boutonniere to add a personal touch!