Paired bridesmaid – what’s your job?

Groomsmen, it’s the big day! And for the most part, your job is almost completely over. As long as you get the groom there and you all look great, you should be good to go! But you do have one more person to check up on during the wedding, and that’s your bridesmaid partner. If you have a bridesmaid partner, you essentially have a built-in date to your wedding – even if you bring your own. Now, this date is not high maintenance by any means. She’ll most likely be busy helping the bride for most of the night, but that doesn’t give you a free pass!

Even if you have your own date, it is your job to check up on your bridesmaid every once in a while. Make sure she has a drink, enough food, and make sure she’s having a good time. Like we said, often times you’ll just be checking in and she’ll tell you everything’s fine. However, be prepared to do a little bit extra here. She’ll be who you dance with when the bridal party joins the dance floor, so you better get comfortable with her! We recommend that you ask her to dance again a few times later on, especially if she does not come with another date.Paired bridesmaid  BF Blog Post

Basically we’re giving you a nice, long-winded reminder to be a gentlemen out there. Do your job as a groomsmen to make sure everyone is enjoying their time, including your paired bridesmaid. Enjoy!