Remaining Professional with Tattoos

tattoo blog derksThe stigma around tattoos is finally diminishing in society. It is actually quite rare that I don’t see someone working anywhere without a tattoo. They’re not just for burnouts or rockstars anymore, and we are happy to see that more and more people are not being discriminated against because of their tattoos. However, there are still some people or places of work that hold onto the stigma, so we have a couple of tips when deciding on getting your next tattoo.


Consider what your tattoo is of. Will this tattoo offend anyone? How does it reflect on me and the job I’m trying to get? If you’re looking for a job at a tattoo parlor, chances are you could get any tattoo and you wouldn’t have to worry about a thing. Unfortunately, tattoo’s can affect your ability to get hired at certain jobs. For example, tattoos with explicit language or pornographic images may not be the best to have if you plan on working in a school or professional setting, simply because parents, students or clients may find them offensive. Which brings me to my next tip…


Consider the placement of your tattoo. We are certainly not in the business of telling you what you should or should not get tattooed on your body. So if you want to get that questionable or controversial tattoo, then you go get it! Just consider where you get it on your body. Will it be visible while your at work? Will I be able to cover it if I’m asked to do so? These are questions you should consider when considering your professionalism in relation to your ink. The most visible places would be your face, arms and hands (generally) for men, and face, arms, hands, and lower legs/ankles for women. Consider what you’re getting and where it’s going when thinking about remaining professional.

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