A Guide To Pocket Squares

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November 3, 2015
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A Guide to Pocket Squares 08.28.2015

We all think about our ties as the biggest accessory to our suit or tuxedo. However, there’s more than just the tie to complete the formal look you’re going for. Pocket squares are a fantastic way to add a little something extra to your outfit – and we love them! There’s nothing better than being set apart, and pocket squares are a great way to do that.

 First thing’s first, pocket squares come in every colour and pattern you can think of, making them easy to wear to any formal occasion. You can match them to wedding colours for your big day, or keep it festive for holiday parties. There is truly a pocket square for any occasion. Pocket squares can even be worn with every day suits and we love how it looks!

There are also tons of different ways to fold them, adding even more pizzazz to your formal look. Square fold, wing fold, four-point fold…the list goes on. Of course, some are more complicated than others, and some are fancier than others, so deciding on the right fold for each occasion is crucial. For example, something extravagant and over the top like a zephyr fold may be too much for a simple work day, but would work great for a fun formal occasion. With everyday business and suit-wear, you want to keep it simple. Show off for the more fun occasions!

Finally, and simply put, they are so simple, yet so classy. They are truly such an overlooked accessory, that it really adds something to your look when you put the effort into wearing one and folding it interestingly. They are also really fun. Having the chance to take your look to the next level with an interesting fold is huge – and they always look great!

If you’re looking for some really interesting ways to fold pocket squares, check out this link!


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