The Grooms Guide to Grooming

Rustic is in. Flow is in. Hair is in. The ladies love it. However, just as your bride does, you have to look amazing on your wedding day, and one of the best ways to look great is to have your hair under control. Whether you’re clean cut, bearded, have long or short hair, rock the messy or controlled look, you want to look your best.

               First things first, do not have a brand new hair style for your wedding. You’re going to want to have the same haircut for a couple months before your wedding so you know how your hair works with that style. That way, if you style your hair, you can practice your wedding day look beforehand to get it absolutely perfect. No, gentlemen. It’s not going to be one of those “roll out of bed, shower and towel dry your hair before you head out” kind of day. You’ll want to practice the style, and you’ll want perfect it before the big day.

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               Trust your barber! If you do not have a barber you trust already, find one. You need to have someone that you’re comfortable talking to about what you want and need in your look. If they can follow your specifications and have a real conversation with you about what you’re looking for, you’re set. You don’t want to have a brand new barber for your latest haircut before your wedding.

               That being said, do not get a haircut too close to your wedding. Do your best to get your hair cut at least one week before. That way, your hair will be able to grow back out and essentially be “your” hair again. It’ll look fresh, but you’ll be a little more comfortable with it.

               As far as facial hair goes: you do you. Just make sure it looks great. You’ll be taking a ton of pictures all day, and you’ll have them for the rest of your life. Make sure you look good! Keep the beard quaffed, the mustache neat, and the sideburns combed and tidy. No matter what your style is, as long as it looks clean, you’ll be set!