Unique Groomsmen Gift Ideas

 Unique Groomsman ideas -1 - 08.28.2015Planning a wedding is hard. There are a million things you have to consider: suit, venue, groomsmen, food, drinks…just to name a few. At least you have the guys by your side, and you owe them for everything they’ve done for you – even before you got engaged. These guys are your best friends, and they’ve been through a lot more with you than just wedding planning. That’s why you’ve chosen them to be your groomsmen, right? So you’ll have to get them the perfect gift to thank them for all they’ve done over the years. Check out some of these great unique groomsmen gift ideas.

One of our favourite gifts is a wooden 6-pack carrier. Keeping it rustic and manly, of course. You can personalize it with their initials, the date, or whatever you want. It’ll be great for camping or BBQ’s, and guaranteed he’ll be complimented on how awesome it looks.

Unique Groomsman ideas -2 - 08.28.2015Keeping with the beer theme, we love the idea of the personalized bottle opener. This one looks just like a credit card, making it easy to fit in their wallet. It’ll be easy to carry around, making it even easier to have it with them all the time. Plus, it looks classy as hell.

If you have a few friends who aren’t drinkers, look into getting a pocket watch. There’s nothing classier than a sharp looking pocket watch, and your groomsmen will definitely thank you for it – especially if wearing a watch isn’t working well with the tuxedos you go with for the wedding. Try personalizing them as well, for an extra classy touch.




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