DERKS Tailoring

Finding the perfect suit always feels great. You put it on and you feel like a million bucks… Well, almost. Maybe it doesn’t fit quite right. But trust me, you need it to. When you come into Derks to buy any formal wear, our job isn’t just to get you into that crisp, clean, brand new suit, it’s also to make sure that you feel great walking out in it, which may mean getting it tailored. Don’t worry – we do that too! Here are some tips for getting your suit tailoring to perfection.

RenoirFirst, figure out the problem areas. Is it too big? Too small? Where is it not fitting right? It seems like an easy thing to figure out. You’ll know your jacket is too big if the padding extends beyond your shoulders, for example. Also, there should be no restrictions in your chest when you move – if there is, the jacket is obviously too small. You may need it let out, or need to try the next size up. The jacket should also lay flat against your chest. If it bulges, it means the jacket is too big for you. Make sure to check other areas like the neck, waist and sleeves.


Pants are another thing you’ll have to check into. You may think you know your size, but dress pants fit a lot different than your jeans. Check the rise of your pants (the distance between the crotch of the pants and the waistband). Unfortunately, not much can be done by the tailor for the rise, but this will start by giving you a good idea of the style you’re wearing – does it work for you, or not? Next, check the waistband. It should fit snugly, but not tight. Not only will it be uncomfortable, but it will pull the fabric right under the waistband. The seat of your pants should follow the contours of your own. No wedgies or diaper butts, please! Make sure your suit shows off your assets!


If you’re having troubles pinpointing the issues of your suit, come in and talk to one of our experts!