Derks: Keep Your Cool For Your Summer Wedding

“Nothing looks better on a man than a well-tailored suit.” A line we’ve all heard, and we all know is true. We look hot in suits. We feel hot too. So when our bride-to-be suggests a summer wedding, it makes sense why we’d get a bit stressed out. Sure, it will be beautiful and it’s what she’s always dreamed of… But you want to be feeling your best on your wedding day, not feeling like you’ll pass out because of the amount of water leaving your body at the speed of Niagara Falls in 28˚C heat. Don’t worry, guys. There are other options for a cool summer look that’ll still make you look hot!



A simple 3-piece suit is always a classic – so why not try it, just without the jacket? The crisp look of a vest will still give you the formal look your aiming for, without the pain of a jacket in sweltering heat. Not only does it cool you off, it also creates a more casual look, without losing the clean look of formalwear.



Another great way to stay cool on your hot summer wedding day is to keep it light and casual. The lighter colours won’t roast you under the sun like black or navy blue will. A nice tan suit will still give you a great look. Pair it with a casually unbuttoned shirt and no tie, and you’ll notice a world of difference. Of course, this one depends a lot on the theme of your wedding, so do your best to make sure it’ll work with the way the wedding is set up. This look gives you a lot of options. This look can be pulled of with any colour – the open collar look alone will cool you off a few degrees automatically!